Club managing wasn't that easy before!

DatePoll is a club managing software to support especially voluntary clubs by automating standard processes of an organization. Birthdays of club members, event managing and an integrated club calendar will give your members an easy opportunity to leave crowded chat messaging groups behind.

Trust in open source technology!

The idea.

All our services are open source because we want to support the world with free and secure software. That means, every single code line is publicly verifiable. We set ourselves high privacy standards to protect your data. Furthermore, we are only using state-of-the-art security technologies to ensure privacy.

Supported devices.

DatePoll runs on every devices which has a browser. Nevertheless we have also developed an android app to give the user a more fluent experience.

Support us.

Keeping our software free of bugs efforts an huge amount of time. Please help us through sharing your issues with us on GitLab or sending them via email to