mobile version#

Here are some screenshots of the mobile version

Starting with our beautiful startpage, broadcasts view, movies page, user navigation and user settings page.#

Picture of the startpagePicture of broadcasts pagePicture of movies pagePicture of user navPicture of user settings page

Soo, lets continue with the feature-rich event info view#

Picture of event info pagePicture of event info simple page

Admins are even more powerful with broadcasts (email verteiler) and advanced event administration#

Picture of event info pagePicture of event info pagePicture of event administration pagePicture of event administration more pagePicture of event administration years pagePicture of broadcasts create page

Last but not least, user management. Including badges, groups, subgroups, deleted users, user changes and many more features.#

Picture of users management pagePicture of users management badges pagePicture of users management groups pagePicture of users management groups statistics pagePicture of users management more page

And this aren't event all features of DatePoll!

desktop screenshots (outdated)#

Home / Start page#

alt text


alt text


alt text

Event info#

alt text

Event user management#

alt text

Group and subgroup management#

alt text

DatePoll management#

alt text